EyeKyu Services

My EyeKyu Driving School Services

Welcome to my brand new services page on my website, which is basically about the things I do for the Limerick community nearby Castlemungret Industrial Estate. The main things are helping teens get their Irish driving licenses the intelligent way because I explain things instead of ordering them around. I case you wanted to ask that’s why I call myself the EyeKyu driving school. If you are bright and have a high IQ then you probably figured that out already.


  1. I teach learner drivers enough to understand the government’s twelve essential driver-training steps so they pass and know how to drive home safely every night. If there’s time, or they don’t mind paying a little more I may also touch on surviving motorway gridlocks, bad weather driving tips and how to cope at night. Just about all my students pass first time round. In fact I am proud to say that if they listen to my teaching they all should make it.
  1. I also help people re-qualify in case they have to visit Castlemungret Industrial Estate a second time around. This might be because they reached a certain age or earned a few too many demerits on their driving licence. I’m happy to say my pupils have all turned out well behaved. If I spot a person with bad attitude then I’m just as likely to turn them down.
  1. I help people with disabilities qualify where I can. I don’t have a modified car because these generally have to be made up specially. However if this is not a problem, then I’ll put in as many extra hours as needed for the same rate I normally charge. I figure they have as much a right to drive as the rest of us. Like I say I am a rebel and proud of it, but I know what’s right.
  1. I do tractors too. I worked on a farm weekends while growing up with Nana. Life was tough in Longford and I wanted to feel like I was bringing in my bit as best I could. This includes hooking up to everything from mechanical ploughs to the latest combine harvesters. I had an old man teach me when I was about twelve. Farm equipment is dangerous and everybody needs to know the theory.

I’m thinking of starting a new department assisting transport companies requal their drivers for health and safety. Speak to me early in your planning. I plan to be up and running in the next two months, so watch this space for news of progress.