EyeKyu Pre-Test

Practice Made Perfect the EyeKyu Way

edt-driving-lessons-cork-300x201My parents died in a car smash when I was eight. It wasn’t their fault the other person had been drinking and there were no airbags. I was sent away to my nana in Longford while my sister went to live with her aunt in Westmeath. I learned a lot from nana. She taught me ‘if you don’t succeed try again, practice makes perfect’, and I did my best to rebuild my life like that.

Early on I figured out that people don’t make mistakes because they want to. It’s all a matter of learning new things like maths and history at school, and how to drive safely on Ireland’s motorways, trunk roads and city streets. I guess what attracted me to being an ADI was the idea of having what I call sandwich blocks. I teach my student the next module, they practice with their sponsor, we regroup two weeks later and we tackle the next one.

Driving safely with respect is a matter of picking up on new habits, not learning things off pat like definitions. Pretty much the same applies to writing exams at school and getting used to the latest computer game. Doing the Road Safety Authority’s driving licence test at Castlemungret Industrial Estate in Limerick (or any other testing station) is similar. After you do it, you look back at the things you know you would do better if there was a next time.

This is why I insist my students do my internal examination before I sign their logbooks off. This is not the same as the ‘pre-tests’ other ADI’s in Limerick do to make the government happy. I do extra dense training remember, and that means repeating things until we get them perfect.

My driving trainees could probably pass their test without their ‘mock examination’ but I do it anyway. It gives them quiet confidence they are going to pass, and being at peace before an examination is half the battle. My students are easy to spot. They are the ones looking forward to passing.

I am not going to waste your time with a whole lot of detail copied from the Road Safety Authority website. You are on the EyeKyu pages because you are smart, you have a high IQ and you know how these things work. When you are ready, call me and we’ll get our heads together. My name is Sean O’Sullivan, I’m 27, and I’ll do my best to get you through and that’s a promise.