EyeKyu Driving School

Welcome to the coolest, hippest driving school in Limerick near the RSA testing centre in Castlemungret Industrial Estate. Although I am fanatically keen on Eye-Kyu who rapped with D12, in this case as Limerick’s youngest ADI approved driving instructor I’m after smart people with high IQ’s who want to get over their driving licence test fast and pass.

If the idea appeals to you then maybe you’re wondering ‘who is this guy and how do I know he’s for real’. My answer is I’m Sean O’Sullivan, I’m 27 and I got into this business after I battled to pass my driving test – and figured there had to be an easier way than how my rather ancient driving instructor taught me. That was when I decided to get my mind around the Road Safety Authority and its complicated set of rules.

Fortunately I’m a logical thinking person and up Googling stuff every night ‘til late. I had to get my mind around a stack of theory in order to pass my Driver Theory Test, Practical Driving Test and Instructional Ability Test (this means I am a keen teacher with a 97.32% pass rate before you ask). I have to thank the folk down at the RSA School of Motoring for fantastic assistance and advice that helped get me there quick.

The Road Safety Authority people were deep suspicious when I went down to the Castlemungret Industrial Estate to register because I am proud to be a rebel. So I tested at the Galway centre instead where they didn’t know me and gave me a first class pass each time. You should have seen the faces at Castlemungret when I told them. So that’s me Sean O’Sullivan in one minute, the youngest ADI in Limerick with one of the best pass rates by far.

If you’re good to go with me then here’s the buzz. We stick to the rules, do everything according to the book and there are no short cuts – so I get to keep my ADI licence and you pass. I do the full 12 training sessions. You can pay me as we go along or all up front and get a 10% discount. I meet your parents or guardian first and they agree to help you practice the stuff I teach you. Or else I unfortunately can’t take you on.

What parents have to do is really no big deal, as long they held their own licence for at least two years and know the rules of the road etc. Another reason is they get to understand what you are going through and can cut you slack when you feel stressed. To learn more, check out my EDT, Internal Exam and Other Services pages. Good luck with your driver training in Limerick. Let’s meet soon.